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death by elephant

Execution by Elephant

The methods used to execute enemies and criminals through ancient history often showcased terrifying ingenuity and creepy creativity. The contraptions used to execute and torture victims throughout medieval Europe are widely known, however, the methods employed throughout other ancient empires are a mystery to some. Ancient rulers in Asia commonly used Elephants when performing … [Read More...]

Leprosy in America

Leprosy, which disfigures it's victims, is often remembered as the biblical disease contained within the old world. However, many Americans do not realize that

3 Terrifying Serial Killers from the 1800′s

When we hear about serial killers we often think about the infamous Ted Bundy or about the movie characters such as Hannibal Lecter. However, the truth is that

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These three classic urban legends have been passed from person to person for decades. In fact, you have probably heard a version of at least one of these urban legends at some point. I remember my Dad telling me a version of The Hook when I was younger. When I

3 Creepy Short Stories from Reddit

These creepy short stories from Reddit are bone chilling. The wonderful thing about horror is that it doesn't need to be long or filled with details in order to be scary. Sometimes the shortest stories are the scariest because you are forced to use to your