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attic short horror story

I Found Something Living In My Attic

Three weeks ago my fiancé, Jenny, and I moved into a beautiful old home in the outer suburbs of Boston. Jenny and I met ten years ago at Boston College and have stuck together as I toiled through medical school and she supported the two of us with her job as a paralegal. I bought this old house to celebrate finishing my residency and as a way to thank Jenny for working so hard … [Read More...]

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alien hand short horror story

They Call it Alien Hand Syndrome

It all started during my junior year of college. I am a party animal, or used to be. I never missed a party and you could count on me being at the bar until closing … [Read More...]

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cult short horror story

How I Escaped from a Cult

Today marks the second month since I escaped from the most fucked up cult you have never heard of. Well, I guess that is how cults work. They officially referred to … [Read More...]

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creepy old hospital operating room

Organ Harvest

My parents think I am just a late bloomer, but my ex-girlfriend knows I am a parasite. In my heart I know that my ex-girlfriend in right. I am 31 years old, dropped out of college during my freshman year, and have never held a real job for longer than six … [Read More...]

snowbound mansion creepy story


I have always hated the cold. Too many cold winter nights spent alone while my father, an unemployed butcher, blew our welfare benefits on booze and took his frustrations out on me with his belt. I left Michigan fifteen years ago at the age of sixteen after a … [Read More...]

creepy warehouse

Man Hunt

Part I It all started three months ago. I had recently graduated from a small, expensive, liberal arts college. Of course, I was unemployed. My parent’s patience wore thin and I found myself being gently nudged out the door. I decided to move across the … [Read More...]

beautiful mansion

The Basement

Growing up my father always told me I was a follower, not a leader. On an almost daily basis he would say to me, “Boy, you have got to forge your own path in life, instead of fooling around with those knuckleheads you call friends.” He was, of course, correct, … [Read More...]