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beautiful old mansion in disrepair

Nobody Ever Knew

This story was written by Mony as part of the Creepy Little Stories writing contest -- Check out her blog at rebelmony.com He thought surely he would burn for this and so fled into the dead of night, and left Mary waiting. How ironic it was that the one thing he regretted most would be the final nail in his coffin. But what actually happened was worse: Nobody ever … [Read More...]

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Man Hunt

Part I It all started three months ago. I had recently graduated from a small, expensive, liberal arts college. Of course, I was unemployed. My parent’s patience … [Read More...]

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ominous clouds above church

The Basement

Growing up my father always told me I was a follower, not a leader. On an almost daily basis he would say to me, “Boy, you have got to forge your own path in life, … [Read More...]

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Frozen Fangs (Part I)

**Author Note: This is a multi-part series. Enter your email address in the sidebar to get notified immediately after I post a Part II.** Chrystal found comfort living out of sight and in the shadows after the disappearance of her mother five years ago. Her … [Read More...]

snowbound mansion creepy story


I have always hated the cold. Too many cold winter nights spent alone while my father, an unemployed butcher, blew our welfare benefits on booze and took his frustrations out on me with his belt. I left Michigan fifteen years ago at the age of sixteen after a … [Read More...]

creepy kid with mask on

Adoption from Hell

Friends have asked me for years to write down this story, and I have finally agreed now that I am only a few weeks away from retirement. I have worked as a social worker for the past thirty years in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The job was incredibly … [Read More...]

creepy old hospital operating room

Organ Harvest

My parents think I am just a late bloomer, but my ex-girlfriend knows I am a parasite. In my heart I know that my ex-girlfriend in right. I am 31 years old, dropped out of college during my freshman year, and have never held a real job for longer than six … [Read More...]