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3 Classic American Urban Legends

These three classic urban legends have been passed from person to person for decades. In fact, you have probably heard a version of at least one of these urban legends at some point. I remember my Dad telling me a version of The Hook when I was younger. When I was younger I believed it to be true, and as I grew older I simply thought that he had made it up to scare me. What … [Read More...]

3 Creepy Short Stories from Reddit

These creepy short stories from Reddit are bone chilling. The wonderful thing about horror is that it doesn't need to be long or filled with details in order to be

5 Free Short Horror Stories

These five short horror stories are completely free on Amazon. See which story interests you most and give it a try. The Island of the Dolls is a strange and

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7 Very Short, Very Creepy Short Stories

These 7 creepy short stories are very frightening despite being only a few sentences long. The short length means that they have to be very effective in scaring you. The common theme among these 7 stories is that they take common, everyday occurrences and add