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The Adoption From Hell

Friends have asked me for years to write down this story, and I have finally agreed now that I am only a few weeks away from retirement. I have worked as a social worker for the past thirty years in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. The job was incredibly stressful, but I know for a fact that I improved the lives of dozens of families. There was a point, about thirteen … [Read More...]

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Organ Harvest

My parents think I am just a late bloomer, but my ex-girlfriend knows I am a parasite. In my heart I know that my ex-girlfriend in right. I am 31 years old, dropped … [Read More...]

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Clown Stalker

I really hope this is some sort of deranged joke. I guess I can understand how a simple joke could get out of hand. However, it has started to reach the point where … [Read More...]

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A Captain’s Last Moments

U.S. Navy Declassified Document - Released Under FOIA Request #3048b Ship Class: Oil Tanker -- Ship Name: Hailey’s Star -- Captain: Josiah McHenry 9/4/09 Two weeks have passed since Hailey’s Star passed Cape Point and entered into the Indian Ocean. … [Read More...]

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How I Escaped from a Cult

Today marks the second month since I escaped from the most fucked up cult you have never heard of. Well, I guess that is how cults work. They officially referred to themselves as the Third Reincarnation of the King (TRK). The TRK lived deep in wilderness of … [Read More...]

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They Call it Alien Hand Syndrome

It all started during my junior year of college. I am a party animal, or used to be. I never missed a party and you could count on me being at the bar until closing time. This all changed when I became sick with meningitis. The doctor said I probably got it … [Read More...]

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I Found Something Living In My Attic

Three weeks ago my fiancé, Jenny, and I moved into a beautiful old home in the outer suburbs of Boston. Jenny and I met ten years ago at Boston College and have stuck together as I toiled through medical school and she supported the two of us with her job as a … [Read More...]

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Aunt Sheryl

Mental illness is terrible. I recently emerged from the darkest period of my life and the only reason I am able to write down my memories is because of intensive therapy mandated by the court system. I would not wish the pain and terror I experienced upon … [Read More...]