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sawney bean cannibal

Sawney Bean – Cannibalistic Killer

There is a reason why historians often refer to medieval Europe as the dark ages. European societies experienced a decline in sophistication which allowed for unscrupulous person to prey on those around them. Sawney Bean, of Scotland, represented the worst of this decline. Bean, born to an honest and hard working family, lived during the 15th or 16th century. However, Sawney … [Read More...]

The Man Cursed With Two Faces

Graced with good looks and heir to a wealthy Noble family Edward Mordake seemingly had it all. However, Edward battled personal demons throughout his life and rarely

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Is it possible for a living human being to suddenly burst into flame? Over past few centuries authorities and lay persons explained mysterious deaths involving

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Execution by Elephant

The methods used to execute enemies and criminals through ancient history often showcased terrifying ingenuity and creepy creativity. The contraptions used to execute and torture victims throughout medieval Europe are widely known, however, the methods

Leprosy in America

Leprosy, which disfigures it's victims, is often remembered as the biblical disease contained within the old world. However, many Americans do not realize that leprosy has existed in the United States, primarily in Louisiana, since the 18th century. In fact,

3 Terrifying Serial Killers from the 1800’s

When we hear about serial killers we often think about the infamous Ted Bundy or about the movie characters such as Hannibal Lecter. However, the truth is that serial killers have been around around for hundreds of years. The lack of organized law enforcement